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SMS Terms and Conditions: Review the terms and conditions regarding SMS messaging communications from the Office for the Study of Aging (OSA) at the University of South Carolina.

SMS Terms and Conditions
The Office for the Study of Aging sends text messages using an SMS messaging service to communicate with community members about appointment reminders, general support and information. This service provides you with information via text messaging the OSA deems helpful and pertinent to community members.

Messaging Costs
Standard message and data rates from your wireless carrier may apply. When you opt-in to receive SMS messages, you are responsible for any carrier fees such as data plan charges, text messaging charges, tolls, out-of-area roaming, and other charges. Messaging frequency varies based on your associated actions. Check with your mobile operator for details on receiving text messages (SMS).

STOP/Opt-out Information
If you wish to opt-out of text messages, reply STOP to any messages from the Office for the Study of Aging. Please note that opting out will remove you from all future text communications with the Office for the Study of Aging, including reminders and other information, unless you were to re-subscribe to such services.

Privacy Policy
Your use of the SMS messaging service is governed by the University’s Privacy Policy.  The USC Office for the Study of Aging will not ask you for, nor should you provide, personally identifiable information, passwords, or any other confidential or sensitive information in SMS messages. Except as permitted by the university’s privacy policy, the Office for the Study of Aging does not share your information with third parties.

All mobile information you share with the university will remain confidential and will only be used by university representatives to assist you in a more efficient manner regarding your appointment or information requests.  The university does not share phone numbers with external sources.  Other offices, departments, or organizations at the university may collect and use information in forms different than described herein, and as such, you should review the university’s Privacy Policy, and the policies of any other electronic services or website that you may use.

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